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Windows Come to Life at Stray Cat

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


Andrew McCarthy.

Kim Cattrall.

The film?


Anyone remember?

It's the movie that brought a store window to life.


Windows to our world

The art of window dressing serves as visual communication for what's happening inside a building.

The front window of Stray Cat Studio plays a significant role in communicating what one can expect when stepping through our doors. And this creative expression will only expand upon our move to the Portobello Building where the windows will connect you to:

  • the work of our artisans (with the Portobello's larger design allowing us larger space to showcase more artists within each artful installation),

  • upcoming shows/public events,

  • spaces available for rent (for example, our black box, gallery, conference room and rehearsal studio), and,

  • special shout-outs to those celebrating weddings, showers, and parties at the Portobello.

Windows don't just magically appear

As the Retail Designer for Stray Cat Studio, Alyssa Young is no stranger to making windows come to life. It is her hope that our front window displays, which she enthusiastically creates from scratch to line up with natural seasonal shifts or in celebration of special community events, would literally draw customers to enter and learn more about our vibrant artistic community.

Whether it be a life-size lemonade stand surrounded by 20 buzzing bees which magically transform into glowing fireflies when the sun sets or the arrival of an 80 lb. clay birthday cake to commemorate Stray Cat's 5th anniversary, Alyssa loves experimenting with dioramas which serve as a visual invitation to the shop.

"I need art."

Celebrating Stray Cat's 5th Birthday

While completing a degree in Fine Arts, where Alyssa nurtured a passion for painting and drawing, she also chose to simultaneously complete her Associates Degree in business management, rounding out her education. Yet while the business degree came in handy, she admits,

"I couldn't picture my life without art."

Alyssa assists in decorating Stray Cat's handmade market, actively contributing to the design elements one witnesses while they shop. Her first love, however, is the windows. As with many window designers, she adores experimenting with new ideas; turning those visions into Stay Cat's front window display which incorporating both original artwork and recycled materials.

"Many see art and attempt to replicate it."

Alyssa prefers a point-blank creative approach by referring first to her own imagination and available materials, before consulting media imagery and other artists. She favors that part of the process and credits it for keeping her ideas fresh and original.

Artists like Alyssa derive joy from creating visual installations that include elements of experimental art.

If you haven't already, come take a peek at her handiwork, and as she suggests, adopt a goal to,

"Make art a part of every day."

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