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Strengthening communities is at the heart of our mission

Renee Suhr, CEO of Mycelia Development, is passionate about being a loyal "localist" and small business advocate - and runs her businesses with that conviction. Even the name of this company comes from the root structure of mushrooms ("mycelia") which are always committed to the benefit of their "host" environment. In this case, its host is Beaver Falls and it hopes to impact it for the betterment of the residents, businesses, schools, churches, etc. 

Like those little mushroom roots, Mycelia Development tries to pull together the strength of the whole community to accomplish its development goals. When the community collaborates, things get done. Working alongside other businesses and organizations for events and projects whenever possible, Mycelia believes that if we work together, we will all benefit.

Working towards improving the strength of our its own business (Stray Cat Studio and the upcoming Portobello: A Cultural Life & Arts Center) Mycelia is also deeply connected to helping grow both the local art and economic communities to whom it is deeply connected.  In addition, Mycelia Development hopes to be a vital part of the resurrection of the shopping district of Beaver Falls and is committed to the "town" as a whole.

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Who We Are


Renée S. Suhr


Renée Suhr is the visionary leadership behind two businesses that find their home in Beaver Falls, just 45 mins. northwest of Pittsburgh, PA. These two high impact businesses, Stray Cat Studio: Pottery & Handmade Market and Mycelia Development have worked to unite community resources and have enhanced the economic, community and creative development of the depressed small steel town in which they reside. In the coming year, Mycelia will break ground on a new construction 16,000SF building in the center of the town’s Core Business District. This “Portobello Building” will hold the current pottery studio and retail of Stray Cat, but also expand to become a local cultural life and arts center. This innovative project is an essential component of multiple revitalization efforts happening in Beaver Falls in the coming years.

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CG "Clarke"

Project Manager

Sparked by her time at Chatham College, and specifically, her favorite college course, “The History of Pittsburgh, The History of the United States” CG Clarke developed an understanding of and interest in the terrain, industry, immigration, and ultimately the Renaissance and transformation of Pittsburgh into a cutting-edge green city.  This interest, also influenced by the work of Rachel Carson (“Silent Spring”), has served as fuel for her 20 years in construction project management, which includes a Green Building Credential from the US Green Building Council as a LEED Accredited Professional. Before hopping on board with Mycelia, Clarke worked on projects for PayPal/eBay, Accenture, RCCL in Seattle, NYC, and Omaha, NE as well as many projects in Michigan where she has resided since 2004.


Joline Pinto Atkins

Artistic Director

Joline Pinto Atkins, comes to Mycelia with a background in theater/on-camera performance, directing/choreography and private acting/audition coaching for young performers. After graduating with a video production degree from Ohio Unversity, Joline went on to pursue an acting career in Chicago, along with becoming a well sought-out private coach and instructor for young actors. Joline continues to pursue creative outlets, both onstage and off, having published her first book, "Confessions of a Pastor's Wife" in 2016 and "Thanks, We'll Call You" in 2019. Passionate about small towns and events that strengthen local businesses and create strong community connection, Joline is the co-founder of Underground Beaver, an event planning company based in Beaver, PA.  

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