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Share your thoughts.

Influence change with a "THUD".


That is the sound we would love for our Portobello THUDbook to make as we share it with potential donors and sponsors. 

What exactly is a THUDbook?

(Think of a scrapbook of letters and kid pictures. Only with more passion!)

While WE know how excited you are about the Portobello project (because we hear about it from you a thousand times a day), we would love to share your words and thoughts with EVERYONE!

So, we're making a THUDbook filled with your thoughts, ideas, and dreams for the 'Bello Building.

Let's keep this simple.
Why is the Portobello Cultural Life & Arts Center
important to you?
What are you most excited about?

We would love for you to tell YOUR Portobello story through answering

one of the questions above by way of:

  • Letters (No e-mails please--We want handwriting & paper!)

  • Scrap-book pages

  • Scribbled sentiments on a napkin, receipt, or newspaper clipping

  • Typed. Painted. Colored. Drawn. Written.

  • Photographs

  • Poetry

  • Caligraphy

  • Doodles

  • Children's drawings


We'll compile all the submissions into a THUDbook.

We'll even post them here on our website.

What's to stop us from posting them around town and maybe even in the new building someday? 

This chronicle of our love for Beaver Falls and the Portobello project will be shared again and again and again.

And our THUDbook won't be complete without you!



Please forward all submissions to:

The Portobello Building

c/o Renee Suhr

1201 5th Avenue

Beaver Falls, PA 15010


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Portobello tshirt.jpeg
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