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Giving Tuesday: Take a role in the Portobello's story

Grab a coffee & settle in to learn how YOU can play a role in the Portobello Building’s story!

Leading up to the grand opening of the Portobello Cultural Life and Arts Center (or, the 'Bello, as the cool kids say), we have a unique opportunity for you. You may know me as the owner of Stray Cat Studio but may not realize I am also the CEO of Mycelia Development, a company whose heart and soul is behind the upcoming Portobello Building in Beaver Falls.

Chapter One

I believe strongly in the power of creating and supporting small businesses. But if you've heard me speak, you might have walked away with the impression that the Portobello is a ministry or a non-profit mission. However, particularly within the larger historical story of Beaver Falls, I am adamant that the Portobello be a contributor to the main street economy of Beaver Falls, not as a non-profit, but as a tax-paying, job-creating business. The 'Bello will offer space for learning, creating, communicating, playing, eating and convening - a place "where everybody knows your name". You will be welcome to use our collective space to offer activities and events that are important, special, relevant and needed by you and your neighbors.

The Portobello may have started with Mycelia Development. Now, it’s your turn to enter the story.

Chapter Two

As we near the end of 2019, we invite you to consider a year-end donation toward this amazing project. You can feel good knowing that every dollar you donate, will eventually see a return in the form of our beautiful community space. You can feel proud about being one of many who decided to step in early to show support for this amazing project, one focused on building connections, creating beauty and being a catalyst in Beaver Falls.

Because the Portobello is a for-profit looking to improve and build community within Beaver Falls, we fit as a perfect partner with the Beaver Falls Community Development Corporation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for residents of Beaver Falls. The CDC has agreed to enter into a special relationship, defined as “fiscal sponsorship” with the Portobello, which gives us the freedom to raise funds, apply for grants, and work together to get this building up and running under the CDC's umbrella. This also means we are set up to receive tax-exempt donations from members of our community right up until our Grand Opening.

Chapter Three

If you would like to offer a year-end gift to the building of the 'Bello, please donate online at the CDC's website, or forward a check made out directly to the CDC:

BEAVER FALLS CDC P.O. BOX 234 BEAVER FALLS, PA 15010 (Indicate “Portobello” on the memo line of your check.)

As a thank you for a gift of $50 or above, you will receive a limited edition 2020 ceramic ornament made by the production team at Stray Cat Studio (ready in time for Christmas next year!). We look forward to partnering with you on bringing the Portobello to life, and can’t wait to celebrate our groundbreaking with you in Spring, 2020!

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