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Let's put the FUN in fundraising!

Remember the TV program, Cheers?

I often get the feeling of Cheers when I enter my local coffee shop.

A place where everybody knows my name!

As the Portobello takes shape, we are committed to creating a space where you are known.

A welcoming space for our community.

A welcoming space for visitors to Beaver Falls.

A welcoming space where an idea you have for a class, event, project or performance has room to grow and bloom.

A welcoming space where everybody knows your name.

Sound idealistic?

We prefer to refer to this Portobello community adventure as “groundbreaking”.

Quite literally.

As we count down to breaking ground on the Portobello Cultural Life and Arts Center, we are taking great care to focus on creating a space where all can flourish. And we’re not waiting until we open!

Currently, we are actively pursuing volunteers who possess an interest in programming and fundraising.

Read on to learn a bit more about the uniqueness of our collective space and assess whether you might be interested in serving on a committee leading up to life in the Portobello building. Let’s get this party started now!

The Portobello is YOUR building.

With several spaces within the building designed with your needs in mind, we are looking forward to hearing your programming ideas and watching them take shape!

Conference Room

Need a small meeting room for a book club? A crafting project (knitting/crochet/scrapbook group)? A writing workshop or small business meeting? We’ve got you covered.

Rehearsal Room

Do you teach voice lessons? Acting lessons? Music lessons? Need a space for a child’s birthday party? Want to teach a basket weaving class (hey, I kid, but it could happen) or homework helpers? Our rehearsal space can be the answer!

Visual Art Gallery

Searching out a swanky spot for an upscale party or fundraiser? We will be the only gallery in town and are more than open to accommodating you! (Can we come?)

Black Box Theater

And then, there’s the black box. The largest of our rentable spaces. Want to produce a show, Reader’s Theater or One Act Festival? How about a poetry slam or story-telling evening? How about a reading of your recent book or play? Want to show off your musical talent in concert? Celebrate your parent’s 50th or Uncle Louie’s 80th birthday? Desperately searching for that intimate wedding reception venue? We are dreaming up this space for you!


We have space.

You have ideas.

And a need for space.

This is a match made in Heaven, don’t you think?

The Portobello wants YOUR ideas.

The Portobello is committed to being a community-driven space where your ideas will blossom. We will sit down together, brainstorm your project and set you up in the best space that meets your needs.

You wanna be where everybody knows your name?

The Portobello is that space.

When do we start?


In anticipation of brainstorming your community-driven programming ideas, we’re currently creating a new fundraising committee charged with taking the next 4-5 months to explore and plan fundraising streams, events, and campaigns for the Portobello Building.

Does this committee have your name written all over it?

Take our short quiz:

  • Are you excited about the revitalization of Beaver Falls and want to play an active role in the creation of the Portobello Building?

  • Do the boundless cultural opportunities the Portobello can facilitate spark ideas for partnerships, sponsorships or fundraising avenues?

  • Does the idea of raising funds for a Cultural Life and Art Center sound like a fun adventure?

  • Would you be willing to contact on our behalf or put us in touch with those who may be a good fit for investing in the Portobello’s core vision of connecting the community, creating beauty and being a catalyst for cultural life and arts experiences?


We’ll build it.

You use it.

Let’s do this together!

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