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Happily Ever After: How a wedding sparked a vision

Updated: May 29, 2019

It was two year’s ago when a couple of creative curly-haired gals got to chatting at a mutual friend’s wedding. And the rest, as they say, is Portobello history.

In June, 2017, I approached Renee at a wedding we were both attending to inquire if this new building she was rumored to be developing would perhaps have room for a theater.

Had she ever considered adding, say, a black box theater to her vision?

That initial discussion launched a brainstorming lunch, at which an expanded vision of my original inquiry began to form.

And they lived happily ever after.

Mycelia Development is all about community and connection.

Creating experiences that radiate hospitality is one of our cornerstones.

With that mission in mind, the new Portobello building will become home to an artisan shop, cafe, studio, meeting rooms, art gallery and a black box theater which will be more than simply a vehicle for performances. Fully embracing our commitment for creating places and experiences where people can gather together, it just made sense to design a space that could serve a variety of needs – for both social and theatrical interaction.

Two year’s from that wedding, we now find ourselves in the process of design development during which we have transformed that initial single use black box theater into a more flexible space to showcase artistic expression and host private gatherings.

Stage your day at the Portobello.

· Theater

· Live music

· Workshops

· Master Classes

· Dance, fitness classes

· Author readings

· Business seminars

· Retirement lunches

· Wedding/Baby showers

· Wedding receptions

· Birthdays, Graduations, Surprise parties

· And more!

Did we mention the CLO Academy?

Even more exciting, we have developed a new relationship with the Pittsburgh CLO Academy to collaborate in creating a program for middle school kids (“tweeners”), most likely 1 evening/week in a semester or yearly cycle at the Portobello!

This will enable kids to receive extra training and develop skills before entering their local high school musical theater programs, while not having to travel the full hour and back to Pittsburgh each week. Ideally, we will be drawing from the closest school districts of Beaver County (Beaver Falls, Blackhawk, New Brighton, Rochester, etc.), as well as others who are in need of programming for this age level that are closer to us than to the CLO (Lawrence Co.).

We will be sensitive not to overlap programs with Lincoln Park, or other local performing arts non-profits, but rather seek to find new and unique ways of serving kids in our area who struggle with lack of transportation. These kids would then have the chance to try out for CLO shows for their age groups, and filter into the CLO Academy (high school level) at the appropriate time.

Round of Applause

The flexibility, versatility, and accessibility of our event space is being designed with YOU in mind. Whether that be for a performing arts production, CLO classes, a reading of new works, yoga, Dad's retirement party, or an intimate wedding reception, we will be ready to transform our space to stage your day.

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